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The Overseas Group was founded by extremely qualified and experienced individuals, equally regarded in their respective fields for their integrity, as well as their achievements.

The foundation of the Group’s strategy and perhaps what distinguishes it from its competitors rests on two basic tenets.

  • Ensuring the clients receive the highest level of professional service with attention to detail by leveraging the Shipmanagement knowhow, qualifications and experience of the founders and personnel, both ashore and at sea.
  • To make clients feel that they are genuine partners and see the Overseas Group as “the next best thing to having their own offices” and not just another manning agent in the main crewing centers.

The Overseas Group possesses the management, staff and resources (whether logistically or technologically) to provide its clients, a fully integrated and seamless service, around the clock.

These principal services offered can be broken down into three main areas:

  • Full Crew Management – including Payroll and Victualing.
  • Manning
  • Marine Travel

Overseas is committed to providing quality services to our clients by being adaptive to their needs and responsive on the increasingly changing environment of the shipping industry.

At Overseas, our clients' satisfaction forms the foundation of our operation. Our dependability, experience, technical know-how and quality of services secure our clients' satisfaction and trust.

Our motivation is exceeding our customers' expectations.

Quality and Safety Policy

Overseas, as a Crew Management company, is committed to providing quality services to its clients and to be responsive to their needs.It has a commitment to comply with the clients' requirements and to work towards continual improvement of the quality management systems in order to consistently meet, if not exceed its clients’ requirements. The Overseas Group is fundamentally and wholly committed to enforcing the highest Shipping Industry standards and practices, mandatory or otherwise, with particular emphasis placed upon safety (ashore and at sea), safeguarding the environment for future generations, and delivering quality without compromise.

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Health & Environmental Policy

Recognising the integral role its seafarers play in the global maritime chain, the Overseas Group enforces a “zero tolerance policy” towards environmental pollution. In addition to carrying out its operations in a sustainable manner and one that promotes the wellbeing of all personnel (ashore and at sea), the Overseas Group requires all embarking crew to sign the company’s “zero tolerance policy” declaration. This exemplifies Overseas’ commitment to protecting the environment, and to enforcing the highest shipping industry standards and practices.

No Exploitation of Crew Policy

Another illustration of Overseas’ desire to be at the forefront of the shipping industry's legislative and regulatory frameworks is the Group’s implementation of its “non-exploitation” policy. As in the case of the Group’s “zero tolerance” policy, all joining crew are required to sign a declaration, stating that the Overseas Group will compensate any seafarer that has been subjected to any act(s) of exploitation, with a reward of up to USD 5,000 and guaranteed employment. This practice typifies the Group’s philosophy of the fair and just treatment of its personnel both ashore and at sea, and adheres to the philosophy that seafarers are its strongest assets. To the best of our knowledge, Overseas is the only manning organisation to implement such a practice, and to this day it has not been implemented by our competitors.

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Konstantinos I. Livanos

Mr. Livanos is the founder of Overseas Shipmanagement. He was with Ceres Hellenic since 1995 where he served in various positions and lately as Engineering & Technology Manager. In 2004 he joined Ceres LNG Services Ltd and he assumed the responsibilities of HSSE, Training, Vetting & Crewing Manager.

He has been a member of INTERTANKO's "Human Element in Shipping" committee since its inception. He is also a member of the INTERCARGO's "Training & Manning Human Element Group" and he was a "SIGTTO" Committee members from 2004 to 2007.

Currently Konstantinos is the President of the Group.

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George N. Los

Mr. Los was the founder and Managing Director of Lyra Travel's London office (today's Griffin), Argo Travel London and one of the main founders and CEO of the InterARGO Travel Group, with 16 offices worldwide.

After living in the United Kingdom for 38 years, Mr. Los sold his marine travel business, returning to Greece in 2008 when he joined the Overseas Group.

Currently he is the Vice President of the Overseas Group.

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Minerva Alfonso

Ms. Minerva Alfonso (Overseas Asia & Pacific Director and Yialos Chairman of the Board) has previously held senior positions in INTERTANKO’s offices in Oslo, Singapore and London for 21 years. Minerva established and managed INTERTANKO’s Asia Representative office in Singapore, which opened on 1 March 1999 and she represented INTERTANKO at IMO, NATO, UN, ReCAAP and other international fora.

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Dimitris Schinas

Mr. Schinas holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from NTUA and an MSc in Quality Engineering from Newcastle Upon Tyne. He spent many years working in the telecom industry, specializing in Quality Systems.

He joined the Overseas group in 2008, initially working in the Marine department (training, audits etc.). During this period he carried out many on board attendances sailing with the vessels, while carrying out specific projects (on board crew training).

He was transferred to Manila in 2010 where he was Overseas’ Regional Manager, responsible for supervising and coordinating manning matters for all the Overseas offices.

Currently he is the General Manager of the Overseas Group.

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George Vlassis

Mr. Vlassis trained in several shipping companies, including Ceres Hellenic, before graduating from the University of Aegean in Chios.

After graduation in 2008, he joined the Overseas Group.

He is of Greek and Filipino descendance.

Currently he is the Crewing Manager of the Overseas Group.

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Yialos Manning Services INC. is the exclusive crew provider of Overseas Shipmanagement S.A.